Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ready to POP!!

today marks 38 weeks. two weeks to go!! i'm ready. well, i'm not "READY ready" but....i never will be! the house will never be as clean as i want it to be, nor as organized. i will not be 100% ready to take on a newborn in addition to the four we already have...but, que sera sera! who is ever truly ready in every single way??

saw my doc today! here is the low down...
  • i'm 160 pounds (yay! doing great!)
  • 1.5 cm dilated
  • 60% effaced
  • doc said he was touching her head. awww!!
our fireplace mantel finally arrived and jim installed it. finally bought a bumper pad for juliet's crib. patched up some holes in the wall next to her crib last night and ready to touch-up with some paint! then i'll add the super cute wall decal. yes, photos will come... feels great to get stuff accomplished, even if it IS last minute.

there's still a few piles of randomness in the hallway i need to figure out what to do with. argh...that is not fun. but i want it out of sight before i go into labor!! at least all that miscellaneous stuff is finally out of her room. her room is juuuust about ready. *squeal*

it's been UBER-hot lately. thank goodness for the a/c in my bedroom!! still, with four kids i can't hang out in there all day (i tried, lol). nope, they keep knocking...or just barging in and then leaving the door open. *gasp* being this pregnant in these high temps is soooo not fun! been trying to make it as fun as possible for the kids with ice cream, popsicles and smoothies and slip'n'slide fun/waterballoon wars in the backyard. occasionally, we go someplace local. hopefully they understand the situation - MOM is about to POP! i stopped doing Zumba last week...that should tell you EVERYTHING. lol....

looking forward to meeting our juliet! looking forward to getting my body back! and savoring every last kick and wiggle she makes because it's the last time i'll ever feel it. *sigh*

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