Monday, October 20, 2008

update update!!

it's been a while since i've blogged! i blame it all on stacy, who introduced me to facebook. she is my social network dealer and i am officially addicted. i need to get my daily fix or i get the shakes.

i am 18.5 weeks along and can feel the baby wiggle around every once in a while. i first felt something on sunday, october 5th, when we we leaving to have dinner at the chubbs' home. usually, i feel movement when i am still or laying down. anyway, it's not that often. i look forward to when i can feel more action going on in there.

i made the ultrasound appointment! 1,1k20j,cvdfcgf <~~~ (jenna says hello) so, hopefully we will find out the sex of this baby on november 4th. we are excited! jim isn't sure he wants to know, but i do. and if i know the gender, how could he possibly not find out as i decorate and shop for pink or blue things?? i figure if i know, he'll know. i thought it might be fun to do it the "old-fashioned" way and not find out until the baby actually arrives, but that thought didn't last very long. i like knowing! i like picking out the name, shopping for a specific gender and i feel the bonding is better. besides, i am way too curious for it to be a mystery.

unfortunately, i am still feeling nauseous throughout the day. luckily, it's not bad enough to keep me from enjoying myself. i've become accustomed to the icky feeling. it will be so nice when i feel totally normal again! i get extremely tired in the afternoon, especially when reading stories to james and jenna right before their naps. i think it gets me sleepier than it does them! i usually end up taking a nap as well....that is, if i am not on facebook. haha...