Wednesday, July 30, 2008


jim brought in the mail this afternoon, and amongst the bills and junk mail were two packages for me!

shallyn sent me these cute wrist bands and yummy suckers to help with my nausea. ROCK. you are always so thoughtful! THANK YOU!!! i am already using them.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i barely made it through making peanut butter and honey sandwiches for the kids - blechhh. i made the mistake of licking my finger, which had some peanut butter on it. *groan* bad idea... i was REALLY hungry, but nothing looked or sounded good to me. finally, i decided that a quesadilla might be something i could swallow. it was actually pretty yummy and i was able to eat the whole thing. but now, a couple hours later, the mere thought of a quesadilla makes be queasy. funny, isn't it? pregnancy sure is interesting.

the smell of fresh rain (normally one of my favorite smells), causes me to clutch my hand over my mouth. i usually love to cuddle my children and smell the sunblock on their skin, but even that bothers me now. i think my bedroom is even making me nauseous...

i'm only in week six and feel absolutely miserable. part of me is glad, because it makes me feel like i really am pregnant and that things are going smoothly. the other part of me wants to take a magic pill that sends me into a deep sleep until the second trimester.

i am trying to be positive. at least i am not throwing up (yet). i better find some wood to knock on...

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