Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5 goals for today

  1. stop snacking and chew on some gum!!
  2. start sewing jackson's baby quilt
  3. clear out all the non-baby stuff from jackson's room
  4. remind my husband how amazing he is
  5. spend some quality time with jessica

Monday, February 23, 2009

gettin' there...

at my appointment last week, they informed me that i'd lost two pounds. what?!? how on earth is that possible? i have been eating to my heart's desire and the only exercise i do revolves around children and housework. hmm....

they also informed me that they'd be checking for group b strep. how had i managed to forget about that? oh yeah....the pregnant brain forgets everything. if i'd remembered this detail, i would have bothered to shave my legs (a monumental task at this point) and NOT worn black socks. now that i'll be going every week, i plan on being prepared - cute socks and all.

i continue to nest. i don't have an actual list (my husband has asked for one) - it's all in my head. again, a dangerous place for a list to be, with the forgetful pregnant mind and all.

today, i came home from shopping and decided to dig through the garage and locate james' old baby things. i found them immediately, thanks to my wonderful hubby who has been trying to make the garage a more functional (clean & organized) space. it was so much fun, seeing james' old baby clothes, blankets, shoes, itty bitty socks.... my heart was all a-flutter with anticipation. i'm getting excited!!

i love being able to reuse james' baby clothes. james was such a huge baby - he fit them for about two seconds - so everything is in brand new condition. right now, i am washing everything with dreft, my favorite baby detergent. the smell brings back all kinds of wonderful baby memories. i have two loads of blankets and clothes (0-6 months). that should fill the dresser nicely.

speaking of the dresser, this past weekend i went to IKEA (love that place!!) and bought the same dresser james has. when the boys eventually share a room, their dressers will match - yay! jim, being the awesome husband he is, went right to work on putting it together. he did some heavy lifting/moving for me and now jackson's room is just about ready.

i'm feeling more prepared for jackson's arrival, which is a big deal to me. still, i have "to-do's" on the brain...
  • plan meals ahead of time
  • finish (er...start) jackson's quilt
  • arrange for help when we go to the hospital
  • get new video camera battery
  • make sure camera stays on the charger
  • buy myself new pajamas (my personal tradition, when having a baby)
  • clean minivan, inside and out
  • continue to stay on top of laundry, housework, etc.
  • i know i'm forgetting something...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

no wonder my back hurts....

here i am, with five weeks (give or take) to go!! lots of people have been commenting on how my belly has popped out even more recently. i have to agree, because i am the one feeling the affects of it! this is the not-so-fun part, lookswise (yes, i am vain)....i definitely "poof up" at the end of my pregnancies. of course, it will also help if i stay away from the nachos and ice cream... i think the hardest part for me is the face. i just don't see myself when i look in the mirror. but i keep reminding myself, "this is temporary, this is temporary!!"

jackson is head-down now. i really enjoy his cute, little movements (which are less frequent, now that he is quickly running out of room in there). there is the usual pain, of course, but all the kicks and wiggles make it worth it. we are incredibly curious as to what this little guy is going to look like. all we can do is wait...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

6 weeks to go!!!

~1 baby room painted
~2 pieces of furniture put together by jim
~3 children that can't wait for their brother to arrive
~4 pieces of fabric to cut for baby quilt
~5 cute baby outfits bought at a steal
~6 weeks to go!!