Monday, September 15, 2008


i was feeling better...for a couple days, anyway. i am back to feeling nauseous for most of the day, especially at night. sooo frustrating!! but - at least it's not as bad as it was earlier. and - at least i haven't been as sick as i was with previous pregnancies!

some think a different man made all the difference. who knows? :o)

if you read our family blog, you know how hectic things have been around here. somehow, i have managed to do it all while feeling icky (and sometimes awful). it got pretty depressing laying around doing nothing all day but feeling sick, while other people took care of me and my children. i am thankful for all the help and happy to be well enough to be self-sufficient again. i'd rather be out somewhere feeling sick as opposed to stuck inside feeling sick.

anyway, there you have it. feels good to blog again. it wasn't too long ago that i could barely sit at this computer! we're making progress! i just wish i knew when i'll feel good again...

Friday, September 5, 2008

taste the rainbow

i must be feeling better. i had skittles today - with a smile!

some know, some don't....i've been struggling for some time with depressed feelings combined with horrible exhaustion and restless limbs. it's been awful! well, i finally decided it must be due to the pills i was taking for the nausea. sure enough, i took my last pill and felt NORMAL the next day!!! i was happy, had some energy...YAY!!! it is such a blessing to feel good again after feeling desperately miserable for so long.

yesterday was a great day. i picked up some chili cheese fritos from the grocery store and that was enough to kick the nausea to the curb. today was even better than yesterday. i had that same positive, bursting with joy feeling i get when i go to the temple. I AM SO GRATEFUL. it really IS a blessing to feel good, both physically and emotionally.

today i tasted the rainbow - and i don't just mean skittles. it's a sunny day and i feel sunny on the inside as well. life has its peaks and valleys and i am doing my best to stay on top. misery is not forever, although it can certainly feel like it when going through whatever it is you are dealing with. there is light at the end of that tunnel, though.

i am now twelve weeks along. goodbye, horrible first trimester!! today, on the way home from buying washable paints with james and jenna, we shared a bag of skittles and sang and giggled all the way home. ah, perfection.