Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

he's here!!!

it's a good thing i finished jackson's quilt because...he's here!! things don't always go as i plan - i've gotten used to that. still, i had certain hoping for an inducement on jackson's due date (the 20th). but reality has a way of being better than what i expected...

on monday night, jim and i went to bed pretty late. we love spending time together, talking, reading, playing games and so forth, that we lose track of time. after just a few minutes of laying in bed, i had a really strong contraction. jim has experienced me having contractions before, so he stayed put.....until another one came, and was worse. after several painful contractions, jim got his watch out and began timing. the contractions seemed to be coming just a couple minutes apart. oh my goodness....was i going into labor on my own?? i began to worry because i was so exhausted already and had hoped to be induced. yes, i am a planner...i like to be prepared. this was very unexpected and we began to think this just might be it! without me having to say a word, jim went right to my list and began packing items for the hospital. i love how he just gets on task like that, like he's reading my mind. well, the contractions began to subside....but they were still coming. we figured we weren't going anywhere yet, but at least the bags were packed and surely i had dilated quite a lot since last time i was checked. we discussed it and thought it best that we sleep separately because jim needed the sleep and i knew i'd continue to be up having contractions. i didn't want to keep him awake for no reason - it'd be dumb if we were both sleep deprived!
jim got up with the kids in the morning, as he usually does. i was incredibly grateful for that because i had been up all night and desperately needed the sleep. i asked if he could stay home from work and he said he would. i was worried about him being so far away if i went into labor. so i went back to sleep and set my alarm because i had a 10am appointment. next thing i know, jim is waking me telling me that it's 9:40am!! we were supposed to drop the kids off at 9:45am, at my friend stacy's house. i leapt out of bed and showered faster than i ever have. stacy was awesome, and drove over immediately to pick the kids up. soon enough, jim and i were on our way to my appointment. it was funny because i'd let my hair air-dry and had no makeup on, so the receptionist (who normally says, "hi, ellen!") just stared at me for a moment. i told her i was there to see dr. roe and she said, "oh, it's you! i didn't recognize you!" yeah, i looked pretty awful...especially after being so sleep deprived!
dr. roe arrived and checked me. i half-jokingly asked to be induced that day. he said i was 4cm and 100% effaced...then said to go to the hospital. my response: "wha-what?? what did you just say?" i thought i hadn't heard him correctly. he said i was in labor and to get to the hospital. wow!! i did NOT expect that. jim and i were totally giddy. we headed home for our bags, stunned by the fact that we'd be having a baby in just a few hours. crazy.
sooo typical....jim was speeding along and two motorcycle cops pulled us over. it was pretty funny, the wife in labor and the husband rushing through traffic... so jim pulled into an apartment complex and the two cops took their sweet time in walking over. jim was impatient, waving at them from the window to come over. obviously, the cops had no idea i was in labor. we WERE on our way to the hospital and I WAS in labor, but we had time to stop by our it's not like we could agree to a police escort to the hospital. heck, i wasn't going to have a baby without slapping on some makeup first!! those pictures and videos are forever! haha...
we got home and hurried as fact as we could. then, we were on our way. trisha was already there when we arrived. it was so exciting!! we were going to have a st. patrick's day baby! we first entered the labor/delivery room at 11:45am. i was 4-5cm when dr. roe arrived and broke my water at 12:30pm. by 12:50pm, my contractions were getting really intense and i was asking for an epidural. i wasn't asking so much because of the pain at that was more about the fact that last time i asked for one, it took forever and i didn't end up getting one because it was too late. knowing how fast i go, i wanted them to find that anesthesiologist - STAT!!

unfortunately, i needed to go through an entire bag of fluid through my IV before i could get that epidural, so they gave me some fentanol in the meantime. man, that stuff is HEAVENLY!! i relaxed immediately...was even laughing. it was pretty hilarious. the contractions still hurt, but at least it took the edge off. finally, i got my epidural at 1:45pm and, after a few more bad contractions, it kicked in and my legs went numb. it's the oddest feeling, poking your own legs and not feeling a thing....

for the next hour, we three hung out and had a good time. i was completely relaxed, just laying there. trisha took lots of great pictures and videos for us. i really appreciated her presence, not only for the picture-taking, but because she is my closest sister and it meant so much having her there. she knows, more than most, what i went through three years ago in that same hospital. she was a great comfort, and second only to jim, my great advocate.

at 3:10pm, i was 6-7cm and the epidural began to wear off. and man, those contractions were nasty!! i was able to get another dose from my epidural, and by 3:25pm, i was 8-9cm. of course it didn't take long....jackson was born at 3:57pm. my epidural had worn off quite a bit, so it was pretty painful....but worth it. always, worth it. seems like it just took a few pushes and he was out! jim thought he was quite the purple, gooey mess at first. i adored him from the moment i laid eyes on him. it was so much fun to finally see him and hold him.

i got to hold him for a very long time before he was finally weighed and measured. his apgar score was a 9, the highest of all my children. he weighed 8 lbs., and was 20 inches long. i was so happy and grateful that we were able to have him on this day. and it was st. patrick's day - how fun is that?! there is also a greater space now, between his birthday and jenna's (march 27th). i didn't want their birthdays too close together. so we have a lot of special days in march, now! jackson and jenna's birthdays, my sister tina's birthday, and our anniversary (the 29th).

stacy had been watching our children all this time, and brought them to the hospital for a visit. they rushed to him immediately and were very excited. stacy brought jackson a stuffed puppy, as well as a balloon and pretty red flowers. i appreciate her so much for all she did. she is a wonderful friend.

even though i was exhausted and in pain, i felt so happy and so thankful for my life and my family. i also felt a surge of emotions towards jim. my feelings for him have continued to climb since we were married, but i'm suddenly feeling even closer with this tiny person connecting us. jim has changed my life in so many ways and i've always known he is an amazing husband and father. seeing him experience fatherhood from scratch like this has been incredible. he is a natural. i am so happy for him, and for us.

we couldn't believe what a good and quiet baby we had! in fact, jackson slept from about 2am - 7am! unfortunately, while he was sleeping, i was experiencing so much pain that i couldn't take advantage of it. they kept giving me meds but nothing seemed to help. when they finally gave me some demerol, i got really groggy and was able to sleep a tiny bit. we talked about staying another night but decided we both wanted to go home.

bringing jackson home was wonderful. we are so happy that he's finally here and look forward to watching him grow and change. thank you, to everyone who sent gifts, cards, meals, left messages and e-mails. we are feeling the love!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

week 39

i wrote all about this past weekend on our family blog, so go check it out!! basically, we had a surprise couple's baby shower for jim at outback steakhouse - soooo much fun!! - followed by registering at the hospital and getting a private tour of the maternity floor. after that visit to the hospital, both of us are feeling a lot more excited and prepared for jackson's arrival.

tomorrow is (hopefully) my last appointment. i've had LOTS of contractions this past week, so i should have progressed a lot since last time. i will be very surprised if i haven't changed much. i am really hoping we can schedule an induction for this friday, which is also my due date.
this weekend i finally continued with jackson's quilt. all i need to do now is hand-stitch the binding and it'll be done! i love how it's turning out.

now we wait. i look forward to jackson's arrival but i am also trying to relish every last moment of "freedom." i know it's going to be more difficult going places or getting things done around the i continue to nest and do as much as possible (wthin reason) before he gets here. jim has (as always) been amazing. he is the most understanding, helpful, compassionate, dedicated man. i love and appreciate him so much. i am so excited about our new addition, and much of that excitement is for HIM.

Monday, March 9, 2009

mama's bun.

thanks to trisha, i made it to my afternoon appointment with dr. roe. i was elated to learn i'm 1-2cm and 50% effaced. the last couple weeks have been disappointing because nothing had happened yet....but finally, some progress!

while i was there, he stripped my membranes. i've had that done before and nothing ever came of it....and since i have always been induced, i'd be REALLY surprised if i went into labor on my own. uh oh, we still need to pre-register at the hospital!! i've been waiting for jim to be available for that, so we can also tour the birthing center while there. he's been incredibly busy, though. time is running out! great...i just reminded myself of all that still needs done and i'm feeling my pulse quicken!

i only gained a pound since my last appointment. i'm happy about that. i've gained about 40 pounds so far - amazing, when you consider all the high-calorie foods i've given myself permission to scarf down! let's face it....this is my final opportunity to eat whatever and not have to suck it in after a meal.

i do look forward to getting my body back (i've been saying that a lot, haven't i??). however, while feeling jackson's kicks and wriggles today, i felt a bit sad knowing it may very well be the last time i feel a baby's movement in my belly. i'm just a week and a half away from the due date. he could come at anytime! i can't wait to meet this little guy but there is also the part of me that wants him to stay put. well, he's coming soon and we are excited! who knows, maybe next time you hear from us, we'll be home from the hospital with jackson in our arms!

Friday, March 6, 2009

final weekend.

well,'s not "final" final. but with the kids off to their father's this weekend, jim at drill and jackson still in my's going to be a long time before a chance like this presents itself again!! you BET i am taking advantage!!

some adult conversation
my friend jeanne' came over today, with her two youngest. i love having friends over because it motivates me to clean, clean, clean!! i've been nesting so much and keeping the house in pretty good condition lately, but having a guest really boosts my cleaning mood. so now my home is clean and my spirits are lifted, after hanging out with her. we had some great conversation while the kids played throughout the house. they stayed for lunch, too. i made dinosaur chicken nuggets for the kids and homemade chinese chicken salad for the grown-ups! yum! and the icing on the cake? IT'S A GORGEOUS DAY!! the skies are blue, the sun is shining....and "freedom" is just a couple hours away. when jessica gets home, i am dropping by target to pick up a play-yard bassinet for jackson that i have on hold, then continuing on to seattle. woo-hoo!!

girl's day out!
i am even MORE excited about tomorrow. my sister and i are going out to lunch and hittin' a matinee. it's part one of our sister date. next week, we are getting our toes done! that way, when my feet are up in the air and jackson is entering the world, i will have cute (but swollen) feet! i love hanging out with my sis. if we weren't sisters, she'd definitely be one of my very best friends. i am so grateful that she lives just minutes away. she will be there for jackson's birth so that will be fun!

the uber-long night
last night's "sleep" was pretty awful. jim came home really late from work, was still on-call, AND had to pack for drill. i stayed up helping him get ready for the weekend, and of course because we are best friends we tend to talk wayyyy too much - which is FUN but also makes things take longer! i finally headed to bed after doing what i could to help him prep, but then i couldn't fall asleep until he came to bed. well, when he finally DID turn in, i was extremely uncomfortable. he fell right to sleep and i ended up wide awake for hours. it was one thing after another....jackson had hiccups, his itty bitty feet were up in my ribcage, my hips were really sore, i got hungry, had to pee (what else is new? haha!). oh my goodness....i will be so thrilled to get my bod back! i finally was able to fall asleep around 4am, after killing some time on facebook (naturally). such a frustrating night!!

finishing touches
this weekend i hope to finish (or at least continue) on jackson's baby quilt. i can't wait to see it completed! jackson's room is looking awesome. jim has helped so much. i tell you...i have the most incredible husband in the world. he is so helpful and attentive, always striving to work hard and do the right thing. i admire him more and more each day and appreciate all his efforts. he does so much for me and it leaves me wanting to do so much for him, in return! i have my crazy "to-do" list which grows rather than shrinks...and he is totally supportive and pitches right in. the other day, i found him cleaning out the microwave right after he came home from another long day at work. he was helping me check one more thing off my list - now THAT is a man!!!

it's now less than two weeks until my due date. i can hardly believe it. this pregnancy has felt eternal at times....and now here we are, at the end of it. i have another appointment on monday but i'm not expecting much. i will be surprised if there's been any change because i haven't really had many contractions this week. we are even more prepared for jackson's arrival now. the baby swing, jumper and bassinet will soon be here. we pretty much have everything we need! i do want to get a first year calendar, though. those are great to have from the very start. we are excited!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


saw the doc today. no change. what about all those contractions i've been having?? :o(