Saturday, November 15, 2008


i'm past the halfway point and starting to feel quite large! i'm surprised to already be feeling achey and sore, mainly when i walk around. the round ligament pains aren't as bad as they were, thank goodness....but now i'm having other issues - like feeling like i'm going to split in two. yikes!
here are a few recent shots...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the results are in...

everyone, say hello to jackson alma conner!
while james was at joy school, shallyn stayed home with jenna so jim and i could go to the ultrasound appointment. they were running behind schedule, but we had fun talking and joking around while we waited. everything looks great and we got some great pictures - including a clear shot of his gender (even though the tech isn't allowed to print those out, she did anyway).
i'd been wanting another "J" name, for the children. they'll have different last names, so at least they'll have that first initial in common. it's funny, because those "J" names were never planned - it just turned out that way - and now we are doing it on purpose.
the first name i wanted (jude, or judah) was recently taken by a family member, so i tried to brainstorm other ideas. lately, i've been leaning towards the name "jacob." i thought "jake" would make a cute nickname. however, this morning as i got ready for the ultrasound appointment, "jacob" just didn't sound right. i'd been thinking this would be a girl, and really liked the name "josslyn" - but suddenly the name "jackson" popped into my thoughts and somehow i knew it would be a boy. turns out i (and according to my poll, 71% of you) was correct - a boy!
we are excited and knowing the sex helps make this more real for us. now we can bond and plan better. yay!