Tuesday, June 4, 2013


seriously?!! 34 weeks pregnant and I'm suddenly having morning sickness again?! noooo!!!

just when I thought all the exhaustion, swollen body parts, round ligament pains and charlie horses in my thighs were bad enough....I'm waking to migraines and nausea again. lovely!! *grumble, grumble*

okay, back to my "glass is half full." i LOVE this little girl and can't wait to meet her. her kicks and wriggles delight me. i haven't met her, but i just feel like she's...oh, i dunno...CUTE! i love watching my belly move about and pushing back on whatever appendage she pokes at me.

according to my ticker, she is now the size of a honeydew. people are still saying i look like a swallowed a basketball and that i don't look pregnant until they see my belly....but I'M not seeing it anymore. just in the past week or so i've felt so much more awkward, unbalanced, exhausted, whale-like.... basically, i'm REALLY feeling this pregnancy now. i can't even zumba like i have been - now that is frustrating!! six more weeks...six more weeks (give or take)...

this is the season of mixed emotions. i want to meet her, i want my body back...but, being the last time i'll be pregnant, i feel sadness and want to savor every moment....even the heartburn and constantly having to pee... i will not pass this way again, and that realization brings tears to the surface.

after my next appointment, i'll be seeing my doc every week. EVERY WEEK!! yes, we are that close. still much to do...but we're mostly ready. i've been washing baby clothes and bedding, buying furniture (antique dresser), making a list of what we still need to buy or do...

i've obviously done this before but i'm feeling that "first time mom" feeling again...like i'm clueless, like i'm not quite ready. but i know it'll be heaven when she arrives. i'm so excited.

i'm 35 years old now and next week i'll be 35 weeks pregnant. i feel so old. i'm definitely done (yes, i've said that with each pregnancy)....but really....i am. i am so grateful to give a boy and a girl to my sweet husband, in addition to the three he became an instant Daddy to. father's day approaches and my heart is overflowing with such tender feelings about that man. i am forever blessed because he came - not only into my life - but my children's lives. he's...phenomenal. i love him dearly.


HappyHollisHome said...

awwww.... so bittersweet. and you do have a good guy. ;)

Rojahn Family said...

You're so cute! I can't wait to see her too! Thanks for the update and bummer you're feeling yucky again. You got a super short break from that it seems.