Monday, May 27, 2013

33 weeks...tomorrow!!!

wow....i just looked at my ticker and it says 50 days to go. ahhh!!! reality is really setting in, now. luckily, however, things are getting done!

since my bestie, shallyn, was coming to stay for one week, that kicked me into gear to get juliet's room fixed up. by getting it ready for shallyn, i'm also getting it ready for juliet. cleaned a bunch of stuff out, bought new, pink curtains, bedding for the guest bed.... it looked much better in there after i got through with it. it's not totally done, but at least it's further along. when shallyn leaves, i'll be working on it some more! until then, i am savoring my time with her. i sure love her. we've been best friends for 27 years - isn't that cool?!

shallyn threw me a beautiful baby shower and most of my local friends/family were able to attend. my best friend went above and beyond with the decorations and everything. of course, i expect nothing less from her - she's amazing. my awesome sister let us have the shower in her beautiful home. i was so glad because it was much less stressful!! our remodel is not done and just having it elsewhere made it more relaxing. i slept horribly the night before...a total of four hours of broken sleep...and was rather emotional...but i had such a nice time. and i was so touched that so many came on memorial day weekend to be there for me (and baby juliet, of course)! we got such wonderful gifts. the whole thing just made juliet's arrival more real to me.

today, jim didn't have to work - thank goodness!!! so he, shallyn and i have been painting the living room. i've wanted this done for a long time, and definitely before juliet gets here. more thing we can check off the list! tomorrow, the kitchen remodel guys are coming to complete the job - hopefully 100%. i am so excited!!

i haven't been sleeping well lately, and for the past week i've been feeling heavier, more swollen, more awkward...  i will be happy to get my body back but also sad, knowing this was the last time. and just because juliet is born doesn't mean i'll suddenly be sleeping better! nope, i'll have a newborn to take care of again. it's been four years! i almost have that "new mom" feeling...

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